Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Morning Workout EVERYONE Can Do

As many of you know, I'm doing P90X right now (just started week 6!), which generally takes about an hour and fifteen minutes each day, but I'm also only working part-time and don't have a family of my own to take care of.  Don't get me wrong, I'm very, very busy and have simply had to make working out a priority.  Sometimes that means turning down a trip to the mall with my girlfriends, but if I want results, I have to put it in the time.  I can always reschedule with friends, but I'll never get a day back that I didn't work out--a day that pushed me farther from my fitness goals.

So, maybe you don't have an hour a day, or you're new to fitness and not ready for something as rigorous as P90X, but if you really, truly want to transform for your body, you can start by adding a brief workout like this one each morning.  This looks like a great way to get started and after a month or so of doing this, I bet you'll want to do more challenging exercises and spend more time each day dedicated to working out.  Once you start seeing the results--body transformation, increased energy, stronger muscles, etc--you'll realize that you actually have more time than you think.

Give it a shot:

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  1. These morning workouts would work great as a routine for busy people and those who have family and kids. As for me, I'd like to do challenging workouts like rock climbing after I've done workout number six for a few months. How about boxing? It's a powerful workout that improves balance, agility, and strength. Using a stability ball can be an option too, for developing balance and for strengthening muscles.

    Mathias Michelakis