About Life After Lazy

Life Before "Life After Lazy"
I started this blog after a conversation with my roommate through which we both realized that, over a period of a few years, we had entirely changed our lives.  We weren't sure what the impetus for the change was, and wondered if it was pure maturity, but we were impressed that we were moving in a positive direction.  Together, yet somewhat separately, we transformed our lifestyles.  

I'll speak for myself.  Between the ages of say 19-24, I had a yo-yo lifestyle.  I was overweight at times and underweight at others, but generally careless about my health.  I thought I was just one of those people whose weight (and life for that matter) could not be managed, so it was always all or nothing--and usually all.  The main culprit was insecurity, and insecurity's partner in crime was lack of education about health.  I genuinely thought that to lose weight and look good, one had to deprive themselves.  I did not think working out was at all effective, and swore that I never saw results (despite the fact that at 19 I ended a rigorous dance training schedule and that's when the pounds really packed on).  And I'm only talking about just one area of my life--health and fitness--but I was careless in many others as well.  To put it simply, I was not the person I know today I am destined to be.

The truth is that exercise is extremely effective and necessary if you want to be healthy, let alone lose weight.  The truth is the words "I'm going on a diet tomorrow" fail every single time.  YES.  EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.  Even if you lose some weight or even a lot of weight, the "I'm on a diet" mindset is fatal to any healthy lifestyle.  Maintaining your health is an everyday, lifelong decision.  It has to become non-negotiable.  My intentions for this blog are to document my continuous journey toward self-improvement and self-acceptance--to show you how healthy eating and exercising are not about, and should not be about, willpower, deprivation or torture, but about self-love and empowerment.

I am not the Biggest Loser
Okay, although I said I "transformed my life," I was never obese.  And I really was only slightly overweight at times (though I venture to say my percentage of body fat was probably very high, probably even at times when I was very thin).  I did NOT transform my life by losing 100lbs.  This is not that kind of blog.  While I think an incredible amount of recognition is deserved by people who have undergone such drastic transformations, it's simply not my story.  In fact, people who want to lose that kind of weight or make such drastic lifestyle changes will not find a road map for how to do so on this blog, but my hope is that there is plenty to be gained by ANYONE who visits this blog.  

Whether you're content with your level of health and fitness or you're looking to drastically transform, there is something here at Life After Lazy for you.  That's because this blog is not about how-much-weight-can-I-lose-and-how-fast.  This blog is about motivation.  The message of this blog could be applied to any aspect of your life--not just health and fitness.  And that message is that you can become the person you've always wanted to be.  A year ago or more, I would have read that last italicized phrase and thought, "How lame and cliche."  And many of you probably thought the same thing.  What I've come to realize is that when I see a motivational message like that and think, "That's lame," or "Yeah right," or "That's so idealistic," it's my insecurity talking.  What I'm really thinking is, "I'll never change because I'm not good enough.  I'll always be this out-of-shape, lazy, unorganized, unsuccessful person."  So it's not the message that's lame, it's that maybe we think we are lame.

My intention is to change that line of thinking both for you and for myself  (because trust me, I still have a TON of work to do).  So maybe I never lost 100lbs or went from being sedentary to running marathons, but I changed, and am still changing, that voice inside my head that says, "Yeah, right."  To me, that's more important than any physical change.  To me, not making that inner change is precisely why 85-90% of people who lose weight, gain it back in a year.  It's why most small businesses fail within five years.  And it's probably why you've stumbled upon this blog and have read this lengthy dissertation.  Hopefully, you'll find what you're looking for here.